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  • General Massage -massage with relaxing effect, stimulates blood circulation,wellness relaxes muscles, maintains a healthy body massage, prevents fatigue, eliminates stress, relieves pain and muscle cramps and helps remove toxins from the body.

  • Hot Stone Massage – very ancient therapeutic technique, used for relaxation, energy balancing and detoxification. It helps improve lymphatic and blood systems activity,osteo-articular diseases, diminishing or eliminating acute or chronic pain, decreasing muscle spasms and accelerating oxygen uptake. Accelerates metabolism, helps stimulate the kidneys activity and the disappearance of edema.

  • Facial Massage – miraculous rejuvenating massage that stimulates the reflex points, it giving back the vitality and elasticity of skin. It improves face tone and the skin becomes brighter and smoother.

     wellnessMassage with Bamboo Sticks – welfare massage that stimulates muscles, used in the treatment of cellulite. It has the relaxing, soothing, stretching and reactivation effect.

  • Scalp Massage –it is a procedure with a particular relaxing effect, that gives a good feeling and balances the entire body and it is also very effective in preventing hair loss and regeneration thereof.

  • Reflex-Therapeutic Massage – The main goal of reflex-therapy is to eliminate toxins and stimulate the entire body functions. It is primarily concerned with foot – one of the areas where are located the most reflex points, this is actually a map of the entire body.

  • Cellulite Massage – considered the most effective way to treat cellulite, it helps both to eliminate fatsfrom the tissuesand torestore skin elasticity.

  • Pindas Massage – it uses bags filled with medicinal herbsthat are preheat in hot steam. The heat combined with oils and aromas, helps relax the tense muscles and joints, allowing a high blood circulation and helping the body in the natural detoxification procedure, relaxation and reenergizing.


  • Massage with Honey Massage Area – Tibetan procedure, initially used to restore skin elasticity, today it is used for its main action on fats, reducing cellulite. This massage stimulates the growth of lymphatic circulation and cleanses the skin, the honey acting on the entire body.

  • Full Body Scrub Massage – It is essential for the skin to be cleaned regularly by dead cells in order to breathe and have a fresh and tidy aspect. In addition to the effects on the skin massage offers a wellbeing and revival state.

  • Afrodita Massage – calming and relaxing procedure that leads to eliminate stress.


  • The ritual of Cleopatra – a true pampering –bath with milk and honey, good for skin, that is smoother and softer after several procedures. Moment of relaxation with role in moisturizing, regeneration of skin and prevention of premature aging of tissues.

  • Bath of Empress Sisi – relaxation and pampering bath based on YlangYlang essential oil, relaxing music, rose petals and chromo therapy.

    wellnessAfrodita bath with essential oils –a bath designed to indulge the senses, to relax and nourish the skin with all the best of nature.

  • Bath with clay – known for its numerous beneficial actions, clay contains properties similar to human body (calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.). The bath has a great effect on the whole body, helping to eliminate toxins and to strengthen the immune system, also leaving the skin soft. treating

  • Bath with sea salt – with relaxation and detoxification role, sea salt is also intended to improve skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis, to help blood circulation and reduce insomnia.



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*Limited number of rooms with discount. Please ask for availability!

2 days stay with half board and free acces to Atrium Spa.

Single Room 3*= 86 Euro

Double Room 3*= 112 Euro


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