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  • Diadynamic Currents  – are analgesic, hyperemic and muscle relaxants. They are indicated in musculoskeletal disorders, post-traumatic conditions, rheumatism and peripheral circulatory disorders.


  • Interferential Currents – skeletal muscle stimulants, it being indicated in post-traumatic conditions, arthrosis reactivations, peripheral circulation disorders.

  • TENS currents – recommended in treating painful conditions at any stage of the disease, that do not respond to other indicated therapies(pharmacological, electrical).

  • Ultrasound– is one of the best physiotherapy procedures, by transmitting swinging mechanical vibrations, by their penetration and absorption by the body. It is fibrinolytic and decontracturant.


  • Short Waves – endothermic effect in musculoskeletal disorders, neurological, gynecological, ENT, dermatological disorders.

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    Microwaves– the thermal effect of microwaves is more pronounced in tissues with rich vascularization, such as muscles. Therefore, it has a selective effect. For this reason, the microwaves are recommended to treat muscle stiffness or spasticity following strokes – local heat has relaxant and antispasmodic effect.

  • Aerosols– turns the liquid into very fine particles, readily to be inhaled. It is recommended to perform aerosolswith medicinal products or sulfur water, which has in turn the most complex action: plastic, restoring mucosa, antiseptic and hyposecretion. It is indicated for lung and ENT disorders.

  • Solux– biological effects on motor and sensory nerve fibers, on the vasomotor nerves and vessels, central and autonomic nervous system, and the striated muscles.treating

  • Ultraviolet rays – activates local and general circulation, influencing the visceral circulation, with anti- allergic and decontracturant action. It leads to low blood sugar, increase the general metabolism, have bactericidal effects, and major analgesic effect, influencing the endocrine glands.

  • Magnetodiaflux – pulsating magnetic fields produced by an electrical current or a variable electric field that influences the cell metabolism.

  • Ionization – indicated in various processes, traumatic and post-traumatic conditions, peripheral arterial circulatory disorders.treating

  • Laser-thermotherapy – non-invasive physiotherapy procedure to stimulate the tissues. It has analgesic and muscle relaxant effect. Improves micro circulation of oxygen and activates the metabolism at the cell level.


  • Sulfur Baths – Pool – has healing properties for many diseases: rheumatism, musculoskeletal and respiratory apparatus, chronic gynecological diseases, digestive diseases. Contraindications for these baths are: acute diseases, tuberculosis, pregnancy, epilepsy, mental disorders, neoplasm and hemorrhagic syndrome.

  • Sulfur Baths – Individual cabin


    Baths with plant infusion – sedative and relaxing effect due to the use of medicinal plants: hay, linden, chamomile, mint flowers. These baths are indicated for nasopharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis.

  • Underwater shower with hydrotherapy – hydromassage shape plus applying a high pressure water jet. Depending on water temperature, it has effects such as: toning, relaxation, vasoconstriction – vasodilation, resulting in the relaxation of the muscles, allowing the drainage of edema, stimulating blood circulation and digestion. So it is a form of therapy, adjustment and rehabilitation.treating

  • Four cell galvanic baths – analgesic, vasodilator, muscle relaxant, elasticizing, sedative effect through electrodes and water.



  • Integral Massage – the oldest form of physiotherapy and favors healing and functional recovery, along with other therapeutic factors.

  • Partial Massage – is applied to smaller parts or certain anatomical elements: a joint, a group of muscles, a tendon, a vascular bundle.

  • Cervical Massage – rarely indicated, in muscle relaxation and functional stimulation of local organs.

  • Kinetotherapy – Used for restoring muscle strength and increasing muscle strength and coordination function, control and balance.

  • Packing with Thermal Gel – results in auniform heating of the area where the bags with thermal gel are applied (38-40 degrees Celsius) causing an intense circulation of the subcutaneous tissues. It stimulates peripheral vasodilation. Indications: inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic disorders, peripheral nervous system ailments, internal organsailments.



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