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Infrared sauna

– Heat, life, health –

Infrared sauna offers numerous benefits and it is a convenient and easy method of detoxifying and obtaining a state of relaxation.

The emission of infrared with high wavelength penetrates into deep, up to 3-4 cm. This way the lower layers of the skin are heated. As a result there occurs excessive sweating which also causes sebaceous gland secretions and a number of wastes stored in fat (chemicals trace, heavy metals, etc.)

Studies have shown that this type of sweat contains 30% fat compared to up to 10% in effort sweat or in sweat generated by conventional sauna.

Through the process of excessive sweating there are eliminated significant amounts of toxins stored in the lower layers of the epidermis and it is facilitated the separation and natural removal of dead cells. Infrared sauna cleanses the skin in depth, soothes acne and eczema and restores skin elasticity.

The first effect felt after just a few minutes of infrared sauna is total relaxation, which concerns all the muscles and spreads quickly on the psyche.

Reduces body fat with weight loss: 30 minutes of sauna is equivalent to running for 30 minutes and it burns 400 to 700 calories.

Add to this the effect of melting and effective removal of large quantities of fat through the skin.

Deep heat penetration in soft tissues, including joints, produces a persistent vasodilatation. The pain subsides and the flexibility of ailing joints is regained.

Heating the body in sauna is like an artificially induced fever. In response, it automatically triggers a number of biological processes that are part of the mechanism of self-defense. The temperature increase above the normal level triggers other and other processes: higher production of leukocytes and it emphasizes the circulation in the lymphatic system.


Wet sauna

-Breathe relaxation… –

Wet sauna or steam sauna beautifies skin and cleanses the body of toxins. Under the effect of steam, pores are expanded. Steam is recommended for people prone to water retention, circulation problems and difficulties in breathing.

It is also indicated for muscle rehabilitation. This type of sauna provides a benefit in addition to the dry sauna by steam inhalation that helps alleviate congestion, inflammation and cough due to allergies and other respiratory problems.

The benefits of a wet sauna on the body and health are numerous:

  • relaxes muscles;
  • cleanses and hydrates the skin;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • reduces the occurrence and intensity of different types of pain;
  • inhaling steam is a traditional cure for colds and runny nose;
  • the relaxing moments in wet sauna remove stress and relax the mind;

Bath with salt from the Dead Sea

– Beauty treatment –

Enjoy a treatment worthy of a deity!

Ever since Cleopatra, Dead Sea salt was called “the white gold” because in addition to sodium chloride, it also contains other essential minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iodine.

These baths stimulate the immune system, increase the rate of metabolism, maintain skin elasticity and smooth functioning of the respiratory system.

During the bath with salt, body takes valuable minerals and it is strengthened the natural skin protection.

Lithium Bath

-Good mood-

Banishes stress without drugs or expensive therapies.

Lithium is responsible for our good mood and has a mild effect on the mental state..

The latest research showed that lithium improves our mood and reduces stress.

The latest research showed that lithium improves our mood and reduces stress.

Kneipp Baths

-Infinite relaxation-

It is a water treatment applied only to certain parts of the body and it is called partial bath.

In the case of partial bath, the one that acts first is the stimulus produced by water temperature. Therefore, the bath is made with cold water – warm water, hot water, alternative temperature or progressive temperature.

Generally, partial baths strengthen the heart and circulatory function, they increase body resistance and vitality. Also, these baths stimulate the metabolism and elimination of impurities, and strengthen the immune system.

The regular practice of Kneipp baths combat neuro-vegetative system disorders.


Tropical showers

-Revitalization –

  1. Improve circulation: cold water stimulates, hot water relaxes. Doctors believe that a succession of vasodilation and vasoconstriction is beneficial for toning the vein wall.
  2. Stimulate the brain and improve the sleep: they have a strong refreshing effect, they stimulate brain oxygenation, they improve alertness and concentration. The shock on the body significantly reduces the level of stress, relieves symptoms of depression and relaxes the muscles, providing a pleasant feeling of calmness and a peaceful sleep.
  3. Invigorate the body: maintain breast firmness and reduce cellulite.
  4. Moisturize the skin and give hair shine: warm water opens the pores easily, simplifying skin cleaning. Cold temperature helps maintain natural oils of skin and scalp, the number one cause of dehydration and dandruff.
  5. Strengthens immunity
  6. Increase metabolism and facilitate weight loss: low temperatures can turn white fat into brown fat, whose calorie burn rate is much higher as it participates in the body thermogenesis.

How does it work? Take a shower with warm water for 60 seconds, then immediately take a much shorter shower with cold water, about 10 seconds. It ends with a cold shower. Wipe the skin vigorously with a towel, and then apply a moisturizing and eventually an anti-cellulite cream.

Jacuzzi with geiser

-Infinite relaxation-

Jacuzzi is primarily a method of relaxation and stress elimination. But the hydro massage tubs also have benefits on our health condition. They can be used in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, as well as those of bone system. Jacuzzi also stimulates metabolism, and those who use it regularly may experience a faster weight loss.

It is also indicated for persons who have problems with blood circulation.

Water heat also has a therapeutic effect – it stimulates the production of endorphins (hormone that generates wellbeing) and blood circulation. That massage made by water is gentle, but it has a strong effect of relaxation in the whole body.

It removes the feeling of heavy legs and tension in the neck and back. Jacuzzi stimulates quality sleep, also having benefits on beauty: it removes toxins from the skin and oxygenates the tissues better.

Steam and air massage grotto

– Rehabilitation for body –

Air massage is one of the most powerful existing forms of rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

Fatigue, stress, joint pain…forget about all because of these systems.

Air massage is produced by the air bubbles, which stimulate the receptors in the skin, thereby relaxing and reducing muscle tension.

Another beneficial effect is skin regeneration, refreshing the whole body.

Oriental massage

-Oriental relaxation… –

The massage is Turkish and it is made following an extremely well-established ritual. This massage is a whole ritual that begins with a peeling with a glove of camel’s hair, which removes dead skin cells and helps revitalize the skin.

Then you’ll have a foam bath, foam resulting from black olive stones that is intensely moisturizing, and then the bath is followed by a massage with detoxifying and very relaxing effect.

  • cleans and hydrates the skin;
  • stimulates blood circulation;
  • reduces the occurrence and intensity of different types of pain;
  • removes stress and relaxes the mind;
  • helps in insomnia problems and ensures a deeper and restful sleep.



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